Learn to Communicate Succinctly, Professionally, and Clearly

Communicating for Success

Our 6-week Communication Course for International Students

No matter what path your career takes, it is essential that anyone responsible for communicating to the masses must have the skills to do so succinctly, professionally and clearly. As an international student at UF, we know that it may take some extra effort to master American English writing and speaking, as well as learn the nuanced language and rules of a career within the fields of journalism and communication. That’s why UF offers our six-week Communicating for Success course.

About the 6-week Course

Developed to assist UF’s incoming international students, Communicating for Success is designed specifically for non-­native speakers. Through an interactive, immersion-style learning environment, students will gain essential skills to enhance their ability to write and present with a high level of proficiency, as well as gain the cultural awareness necessary to become an effective communicator. The course will also help students become familiar with the many standards and guidelines set forth by the journalism and communication industries.  
Overall, this practical, hands-­on course lays the groundwork to help non-­native speakers prepare for the intensity of their UF Master of Arts in Mass Communications Program, as well as their future careers.

The Topics Covered Include:

  • U.S. journalistic-style writing techniques
  • Creating persuasive content for the U.S. market
  • Preparing & delivering spoken presentations, including tips to overcome public speaking anxiety
  • Pronunciation and intonation assistance
  • Tips to become an active listener
  • Cross-cultural conversation
  • Review of common idioms, jargon, slang & general vocabulary
  • Brief exploration of American classroom customs, attitudes & culture

TOEFL Score Requirements

The 6-week Summer B session will offer the skills, tools and confidence to prepare students for the rigors of the Master’s program which relies heavily on specialized writing and speaking skills.

The GRE and TOEFL are the required tests for admission consideration. Currently, the College of Journalism and Communications Master’s program requires scores of 27 and above on the writing portion of the TOEFL and 26 and above on the speaking portion of the test. Students who score 24-26 on writing and 25-23 on speaking will be admitted under the condition that they successfully complete the Communicating for Success course.

The scores below cannot be combined and each minimum score for writing and speaking must be met. This program will be offered to on-campus students only.

TOEFL Writing Score Totals
30-27: Class is optional
26-24: Class is required
Below 24:
Student cannot enroll in class

TOEFL Speaking Score Totals
30-26: Class is optional
25-23: Class is required
Below 23:
Student cannot enroll in class

Special Note: International Master’s applicants who are conditionally admitted to the program with TOEFL scores that are below the required minimum must attain a minimum passing grade of B at the end of the class. If the student does not pass with the minimum grade he/she will not be admitted to the Master’s program.

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